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experience, knowledge, integrity

Twenty-five years ago Cultural Fluency was formed as part of a broader group of companies with interests in language training, educational travel, cultural briefing and management development.


As international markets opened up, rapid demand for organisational change was needed for businesses operating in foreign locations.


Driven by the end of the ‘Cold War’, World Trade Organisation agreements and expanding business with China/Asia Pacific, a new ‘global management’ philosophy was needed. Cross-cultural skills were now essential to work effectively with diverse customers, partners and suppliers. 


Cultural Fluency provided change management expertise, consultancy advice and training to help organisations develop all-round cultural adaptability.


Just as international business became normalised a new wave of disruptive change arrived with the internet and dotcom boom, propelling businesses to implement further change on an unprecedented scale.  Again, Cultural Fluency was engaged in transformational initiatives that were precursors for the emergence of a world digital economy. Change in the creative digital sector is now one of our main areas of focus.


Each stage of transition required movements in attitudes, behaviours and relationships, and our programmes facilitated new cultures of learning, innovation and leadership.

     DAVID REES - Founder and Executive Director


  • Executive Officer in telecommunications industry

  • Lecturer, Guildford College of Technology

  • Director, VIDA International Education Services

  • Principal, Centre for International Communication

  • Non-Executive Director, Learning Links

  • Governor and Chair, Resources Committee, Stourfield School

  • Chair, Bournemouth Athletic Club

  • Visiting Fellow, Henley Management College/Brunel University

  • Executive Fellow, Henley Business School/University of Reading

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