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new challenges for 'generation digital' workplaces

Large organisations may suffer from an inability to meet rapid marketplace changes that are being driven by the speed of digital innovation.


Cultural Fluency can help you create a more dynamic, flexible and responsive work culture - making your organisation think, act and deliver new services and products with the agility and vibrancy of digital start-ups.


So here's an idea...


Let us work with you to recreate your work a 'place' that's open, loosely organised with a variety of tools and resources to stimulate creative thinking.  There's a constant Twitter feed of ideas and communication tools such as Slack to facilitate activity and output.  Quickly, ideas become prototypes and product development cycles are dramatically shortened.


Joe's been asked to create a new app for a personal insurance product.  The customer can take pictures, upload information and send a claim directly to where it's all needed.  Joe needs help to cover all bases, make it work, make it relevant and make it real user-friendly...the marketing campaign for the 'Home Student Insurance' runs in two weeks and your team has decided a dedicated contact point would be a good idea (actually the idea came yesterday from another digital space in the company).


Joe gets to work.  Ideas start to flow on screen, blogs and communication forums..."thought of this Joe", "thought of that Joe"...ideas shared on the big screens, on little screens, on notepads and wipeboards.  Joe initates his own ideas and gather others from his colleagues.  He develops some hypotheses, tests and evaluates these, decides to persevere or pivot with his concepts, and continues with this cycle until he gets the optimum solution.


Joe gets the app designed, tested and ready within 5 days...10 days ahead of the marketing launch and out of sight of any competitor - Joe's Job Done!



Make sure in your organisation there's free and open spaces allowing collaboration, ideas to ferment and a culture to make it happen.




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